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2419 F Street
Eureka, CA  95501

Tel: (707) 442-0415



The house was built of local, old growth redwood. The original fixtures are featured throughout the home . These authentic details include the beveled glass filled entry, gum wood doors, the light fixtures, wall sconces, door knobs, drapery rods, bathroom sinks, as well as the upstairs oversized bathtub.  One of the premier features of the home is the wide curved, gum wood, stairway. 

​The house was built during the Great Depression, when work was scarce.  The finest local craftsmen were employed in its construction. The workmanship and attention to detail throughout reflect this.  The walls and coved 9' ceilings are smooth like Venetian plaster. It was decided to remove the three, sometimes more, layers of wallpaper, throughout the house, to expose the plaster. Trudy Olsen and Cory Dare, local professionals, did months worth of removal and painting.  It was worth the effort once you see the walls.  You can still see the early wallpaper, in the dining room, that remains in the original state.  A nostalgic walk through time can be taken by enjoying 70 years of Christmas photos that show lights lining the picture windows and wrapped around the original wood columns. 



About   Us

Welcome to a fifth generation family home.  The Hydrangea Inn was built in 1930, by  Housby and  Lax. It was a home for the inn keeper's Great-Great Aunt, Jenny Harvey Tuttle.  It has been kept in the family for five generations.  


The innkeeper, Renée Bouey Chappelle, is a fifth generation Humboldt County resident.  Her great-grandfather Joseph Murphy was purchasing agent for over 30 years at the Hammond Lumber Company. The mill was located, across Humboldt Bay, in the company owned town of Samoa.  You can still visit and eat at the original cookhouse built for the mill workers. You can also see the building where Renée's grandmother ran the company's general store.


In 1935, after she built the yellow, one-story home next door, Great-Great Aunt Jenny sold this house to her niece Alice (Renée's grandmother). The home later passed onto her daughter, (Renée's mother) Deon. The house next door? Renée's cousin, Cindy, and Family still live there.


​Previous to becoming an inn keeper, Renée was a commercial construction project manager.  She has rehabilitated 12 houses during her career, eight of those over 50 years of age.  She won the Eureka Heritage Society's, 'Residential Preservation Award' for her rehabilitation of the house, originally The Monroe Bottling Company site at 916 A Street.


​After acquiring this house from her family in 2012, she set out to restore the shine and sparkle of this already beautiful place. In keeping with the local pride in heirloom landscaping, The State Award winning garden  is fully grown, beautiful and lush for guests to visit and relax. 


The innkeeper is very honored to share this beautiful inn, and its history,  with travelers to the Northcoast.


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