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2419 F Street
Eureka, CA  95501

Tel: (707) 442-0415

Things  to  See  &  Do

Coast Redwood trees occupy a narrow strip of land  5 - 47  miles wide along the North Pacific coast of California and  Southern Oregon.  Trees over 200 feet are common, and many over 300 feet.  The tallest tree measuring at 379.3 feet is in Redwood National Park north of Eureka.  It is the world's tallest living organism. Eureka has an extensive 38 acre zoo bordering a redwood forest inside the city limits.


The wealth of various interests is what makes Eureka such a desirable destination. See why guests say  to see all of Redwood Country and local coastal destinations you need at least three or four days.


Web Links to Places to Go and See in Humboldt County:    


Redwood Coast    (largest resource of information)


Sunset Magazine HUMBOLDT COUNTY Feature Story


Redwood Hikes


Redwood National Park


Humboats Kayak Adventures  (To reserve for Tours, kayaks, canoes & rafts.)


Redwood Trails Horseback Riding


New York Times - The High Life






See why people from all over the world travel to the Northcoast to see the thousand year old giant Coast Redwoods and the pristine beaches that go on uninterupted for miles. This rarely discovered area has become a coveted destination.




A fun video with an overview of what is wonderful about Humboldt County.  Find out what you will see that is unique to this area and found no where else in the world and why most guests say,  "We should have planned to stay longer."

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